Flying. Photography. Travel. 

These three things define most of my days and have been my passion over many years, and probably will be for many more to come. 


I grew up in Innsbruck, Western Austria, live and work out of Zurich, Switzerland in the heart of Europe. From a very young age I loved being outdoors and capture things I saw with (very basic) camera equipment. The joy of trying to create images that have others say "wow" has always pushed me ahead. I liked to follow the ever-changing landscape of news, publishing, media and online storytelling over the years and try to take on new challenges, pushing myself out of the comfort zone of what I know and can do. 


I spend about 600 to 700 hours a year in the air, flying all around the world for work and private endeavours. That's almost one entire month out of twelve with me feet off the ground. And I love doing that. I love sunsets in California, gazing at the Iguazu waterfalls at the border between Brasil and Argentina, flying across London or Brussels at sunset. Seeing the tiny atolls of the Maldives come up on the horizon. The amazing landscape of Greenland below me. Northern Lights! Snow, cold, darkness, star-filled skies. That's what excites me, makes me happy and pushes my creativity. 


I have traveled to all continents except for Antarctica and I'm working hard to get there someday as well. 

Seeing my work published in major newspapers, on the front-covers of books and magazines and working for amazing and demanding clients all over the place is one thing I hope to never have to give up. 


What's still to come is equally exciting to me than what I have already seen and done.